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    I am newbie in WordPress so please bare with me. I’ve purchased your theme in order to use it for a retail shop in Brazil. Therefor, I need to translate the theme to Portuguese but I do not know how to do it.

    Could you help me with the issue?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,






    Just so you know – “Upping”/”Bumping” your post will result in a delayed service since we respond to topics with older latest posts first.

    To translate the theme you can check out this and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-33628″ class=”bbcode_url”>this.


    Thanks for the reply. I was not aware of the rule. Apologies.


    No problem – it’s not a definite “rule” but it’s something to keep in mind for future questions :). I hope the links helped you find a solution.


    Still no success on traslating the Abundance theme to Portuguese-BR language. The last thing I´ve tried is the ´Code Styling´ plugin but even that doesn´t work. I translated the pt_BR.po and generated a but it seems useless.

    I am not an expert on WordPress, but I have tried so many things with no success.

    What should I do? Am I doing anything wrong? Could anyone translate this theme to Portuguese?



    Hey! Have you tried translating other themes (the default theme for example?)

    Does this work for you? Just wondering if this is a theme or a wordpress issue you are having here. Unfortunately I am no expert either so I cannot really offer aid on this one, maybe you might wanna try to find help in the official forums?



    Eu já traduzi e uso o pt_BR numa boa. Já checou se definiu a linguagem no wp-config.php do te WP?



    Thank you for offering assistance stickFinger :)


    No problem Devin

    While I help I lear :-)


    Hi diegooriani,

    Let us know if you are still have the same issue or if you were able to find a solution.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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