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    I tried to figure out how to translate the Theme into german.

    In my /themes/abundance/lang folder are no de_DE.po or files. Just the and default.po (this is the most recent download as of 14.02.2012).

    I now tried out the codestyling-localization plugin and wonder if I do to much work on my own right now (still need to figure out how the plugin actually works) or if there is a german file that I just miss since the theme is around for a couple of months already.

    Whats the status up to date?



    as far as I’m aware no German translation file for Abundance has been published. For more translation-related issues this topic is very useful.




    Hey JackVa – I am also in the process to get my site up in German…

    Just an idea: instead of preparing .mo/.po files offline with Poedit I use the Codestyling Localisation plugin from Heiko Raabe.


    – online translation in your WP backend

    – detects most plugins, widgets etc. that can/should be translated as well, not just the theme

    – you can finetune not just the translation of the theme, but also of WooCommerce, WP itself, etc., so they fit the style and type of visitors of your site

    Have fun… ;-) – localization is always a major pain in the butt… lol


    It would be great if someone can upload/provide the German translation files here: – this helps other users too and maybe you’ll get feedback (suggestions for a better translation, etc.).


    Hey Elfenwald,

    could you find out how to translate “cart total” and “cart subtotal” at the checkout site?

    Hey, nochmal auf Deutsch…konntest du herausfinden wie man beim bezahlen die 2 Sachen übersetzt?

    Da müsste eigentlich “zwischensumme” und “Summe” oder “gesamt” oder sowas stehen.

    Ich bekomms einfach nicht gebacken…damit mach ich schon seit fast 2 Wochen rum.

    und das “Logout” bringt mich auch noch zum verzweifeln…


    Hey Dude, i can upload them i they are completed. :)

    There are a few things missing, and i dont want the others to have the same problems like me.

    I let you know if i´m ready!


    Hazral, kein Problem – wenn ich drüber stolpere, poste ich es hier. Bin noch mit anderem am Herummurksen, und da ich hauptsächlich externe/Affiliate-Produkte auf der Seite habe, die ich gerade einrichte, waren die Bereiche Warenkorb und Kasse noch nicht dran… :)

    Einige Sachen, die nicht von Abundance, sondern von WooCommerce kommen, kannst Du übrigens mit dem kostenlosen WooCommerce-Plugin in den Griff kriegen, das komplette deutsche Übersetzungen inkl. Sie/Du zur Verfügung stellt –

    Der angehängte “Abmelden”-Link wird da z.B. schon mal übersetzt.


    also hab es installiert aber geändert hat sich garnichts :(


    Hello guys,

    thanks a lot for your german support. I know figure out how the code styling plugin works. awesome, know it is up to me. I will translate everything within the next week.

    I also use but have not found any issues yet.


    Hey JackVa i have a few issues i couldnt fix with the plugin:

    “Logout” in the Menu,

    and this two things:


    Hey Hazral,

    with and without the german woocommerce plugin these are translated fine on my site. logout in the menu is part of the abundance setting. have you tried this plugin yet?


    The plugin doesn´t work :(

    There should be a new menu point “Verwalten” but it isn´t…


    I couldn’t reproduce the “Logout” translation issue too – everything is translated on my test server. The “cart subtotal” and “on-hold” text strings are provided by woocommerce and are not affected by the theme code or the abundance translation files.


    Hazral – looks like something went wrong with your install.

    – Heikos localization plugin works. Perfectly. It only has issues if for some reason the language files are not writable on your server, or if you run on some weird PHP version and/or bugged Windoze server..

    – after installing WooCommerce 1.4.2 (did not update to 1.4.3. yet, waiting a couple of days… ;-) ) and the extra German language file plugin and editing the important language strings of Abundance with the localization plugin I have not found any untranslated strings on my site so far.

    Maybe give it a shot on a clean, new install.

    good luck!


    P.S.: ah, one thing – if you installed the demo content from Abundance, both custom menus need to be fixed because they contain manually inserted links with non-translatable strings and some wrong links (I just deleted them and created new ones.)


    Ok i am using the woocommerce version

    Can I easily update without loosing the products or something?

    Then I´ll try to install the plugin again.

    Oh yes i used the demo files and changed them.

    That could be the reason for the “logout” translation and the other ones?


    Hazral – yes, at least for the “logout” thing this might be the reason. Abundance demo content comes with two pre-defined menus, and you have to edit them under Design -> Menues

    And from painful experience: only start customizing after most things incl. translations work… changing core files is never a good idea, try using a child theme and leave the woocommerce plugin files alone unless you never want to update again… ;-)

    Version 1.4.x brought some major changes and has also changed a few things in the interaction with the Abundance theme, so I’d recommend to start over with a clean install using latest versions of WooC and Abundance.

    Products: there were some hickups when moving from 1.3 to 1.4, so probably the best thing is to export them and then import them on a fresh install…


    oh damed :(

    ok we are going to order a new server.

    Then i´ll set up a new site!

    When I export the products, what is happening to the pictures and texts in there?


    Moving sites can be tricky, if you move to a good host they’ll do it for you for free. If you back your Database up and move all the files to where they were it shouldn’t be a problem though.


    I would move the goods, its a huge work to create them new, and i dont have enough time to do that until the we start, the pictures are not the problem, i have them all in seperate folters, but the variable products are too much to do them again.

    Can i move just them? And if yes, how can i do that? :(


    Hey, i found the database with the products. It ist “wp-postmeta”, is it possible to export and import this one?


    Hello Martin,

    can you remember where you found the Items “My Account | Shopping Cart | etc. under the search bar? As I both installed the woocommerce-DE plugin and the lang po-file for the theme, I still can´t figure it out.

    Thanks a lot in advance!





    These links are part of the theme code – the code can be found in: abundancewoocommerce-configconfig.php – search for the avia_shop_nav() function.

    Best regards,



    Did someobody translate Abundance meanhwile? If so, would you please be so kind and share?



    I’m not aware of a German translation for Abundance. However maybe you can use some text strings from the Replete translation file:



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