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    You can change the time of the transitions to full screen gallery

    I’ve tried here (js/avia.js) this line: transitionDuration: 800, //how fast should images crossfade


    // content slider




    $.fn.avia_sc_slider = function(variables, callback)


    var defaults =


    slidePadding: 40,

    appendControlls: {‘h1′:’pos_h1’, ‘h2′:’pos_h2’, ‘h3′:’pos_h3’, ‘h4′:’pos_h4’, ‘h5′:’pos_h5’, ‘h6′:’pos_h6’},

    controllContainerClass: ‘contentSlideControlls’,

    transitionDuration: 800, //how fast should images crossfade

    autorotation: true, //autorotation true or false? (this setting gets overwritten by the class autoslide_true and autoslide_false if applied to the container. easier for shortcode management)

    autorotationInterval: 3000, //interval between transition if autorotation is active ()also gets overwritten by autoslidedelay__(number)

    transitionEasing: ‘easeOutQuint’


    but does not work :-(


    Hoops! Sorry! How To to change a transitional time for full gallery???

    my edit did not work!


    Hey Gmulazzani,

    You can actually change the time between transitions on the page that holds the slideshow. Under Gallery Options, change the dropdown for Gallery Autorotation to the setting you would like.


    Yes, I know. I can change the duration time of the view of the Image Gallery for Autorotation.

    But I want to change the duration of the transition between the images.

    Now the transition is too fast! How can I do?



    Open up flashlight/js/avia_fullscreen_slider.js and search for following code line:


    you can change the value as required.

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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