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    The tracking code appears in the footer.

    How can I make it not show?


    Hi cpwilson2,

    When you are on your google analytics account, just go to where it gives you the code. Copy and paste that entire code block into the themes google analytics field instead of just the id number you have now (the UA-…).

    Then it will start tracking the site and will no longer show in the footer.




    I tried that and it completely destroyed the website. Well at least the Indonesian pages – look at

    How do I fix that now?

    As importantly why did that happen?


    It is OK it is working again. That scared me (I have a picture of it).


    In fact what happens is when w3 cache is active the page is a complete unintelligible mess. When it is deactivated it is OK. This is just the Indonesian version.

    Any idea how to make it work so I can use w3 cache?

    The code has gobe from the footer by the way.


    I’m not sure what is causing that with w3, but you can check their documentation on how to properly set it up. You might want to also check the WPML site if you are using that plugin to see if it needs to be set up differently with the plugin as well.




    Thanks Devin. I am getting to grips to this website lark – widgets and plug ins mean danger.


    Unfortunately not all plugins/themes/widgets play nice with each other. Add in multi language support and it just gets crazy :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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