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    Hi, I found the oppurtunity of using a topmenu closed to the logo by reading your documentation. But I can not find the setting for a second menu inside the admin panel. What goes wrong – for me or the theme?

    Thanks, Mike



    Flashlight supports one menu only. You can add menu widgets to the sidebar or to any other widget area. Go To Appearance > Widgets and select the “Custom Menu” widget. Then you can select your other menu for this widget too.


    Ok, thanks



    I can;t find it. How can you make your vertical menu in to a horizontal menu?

    Thanks, Martijn



    since the update (v 1.4) you can create two menus (a main menu on the left side and a sub menu). You can create the new menu by using the menu manager ( Appearance->Menu ). Once an item is added to a menu, those menu items can be rearranged. Placing the mouse cursor over the menu item title, when the mouse cursor changes to 4-arrows, hold the left-mouse button down, drag the module to where you want to place it, then release the mouse button (this is called drag-and-drop). Remember you can drag a menu item slightly to the right of the menu item above it to create a hierarchy (parent/child) relationship in the menu.


    Yes I know that but that isn’t a horizontal menu. The basic menu of flashlight is vertical. But I want a horizontal menu. Is that possible?



    if I understand you correctly, no, it’s not possible to put the entire menu horizontally over the page unless you want to rewrite the entire sidebar styling.

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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