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    Hi, is it possible to have a main menu going across the top of the page instead of down the side? I am building a site for a friend and ideally they want two menus, one top one as the main one and a sub-menu down the left… can you help? (bit of a learning curve for me!)


    Hi ClairMorris,

    You could add in a new menu area to your header.php file and style it so that i floats above all the other content and pushes it down just slightly. It’ll take a good bit of styling to match the styling depending on how you want it but it should be doable.

    I don’t have any good references offhand but I’m sure you can find a few tutorials on creating wordpress menu areas so that you can use the built in menus editor to create your menu instead of hard coding it in.




    Had a bit of a search for adding a new menu area and can’t find anything. I think this is going to be too tricky for me :( I don’t know where my header.php file is…


    Hi ClairMorris,

    You can access it via ftp. You should find it inside wp-content/themes/flashlight/header.php (if you can’t find wp-content in the root, open public_html).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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