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    please see

    see towards the bottom “About Me” From the blog and Latest Works?

    This is a 1/3 , 1/3 , 1/3 page setup but the top margins are all off..About me is at a certain height, From the blog (posts widget) is a bit lower and latest works (portfolio widget) is even lower.

    Any way to fix? believe my page code is fine…will past below

    Also, regarding the widgets, how can i change the title font? It gets forced CAPS and I want to change the font type…thx!

    <h4>[one_third first]About Me


    We can get rid of the about me section if we just put a blurb here. This is just going to be some fake text for now. I will need you to provide me the content. We probably want to keep the text about this length or the amount of word that make up this paragraph, which happens to be, oh lets just say, sixty six.[/one_third]</h4>

    <h4>[one_third][widget widget_name=”avia_newsbox” widget_class_name=”newsbox” title=”From The Blog” count=”3″ excerpt=”show title only”][/one_third]

    [one_third][widget widget_name=”avia_portfoliobox” widget_class_name=”newsbox” title=”Latest Works” count=”3″ excerpt=””][/one_third]</h4>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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