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    Hi Support,

    I found one small thing that top bar doesn’t leave on other pages after closing, it happens only with W3 Total cache activated.

    If you could provide some fix or option to change, will be much appreciated.




    Hi Aleksandr,

    It sounds like the bar being open has been cached. I’m not familiar with w3tc enough to say what the specific setting might be. Though, I don’t think it should be able to be cached like that since its status is based on a local cookie.

    I’m not getting it when I view your site now however so it may have just been a cache issue that has since been resolved.




    Hi Devin,

    On my site I turned it off, since if it’s on with W3TC it cached and appears even you closed it on other pages..

    Anyway thanks for answer. I saw the same behavior on another site with Super Cache plugin, but it acts the same as with W3TC:

    http://www.bannersmall.com/ , you close it on one certain page and it appears on another..




    Hi Aleksandr,

    Very fast site, and your Apache is tuned up nicely I see. The only thing you aren’t doing is sending cache expiration with your images, and including ‘max’ instead of some future concrete date angers the Google people. You can still shave off 2+ seconds on initial load though, Best thing is to use multiple subdomains on your cdn, because if you are using just one, only 4 simultaneous parallel downloads can take place per domain. So you can see on the waterfall breakdown, that each subsequent request has a longer and longer initial connect time.You should look at this comparison http://www.webpagetest.org/result/121025_SB_095c3a3d0cd5fe19f86359090024163b/ and at the waterfall breakdown if you are interested http://www.webpagetest.org/result/121025_Q6_102d34d585fef89c85bad63300291ce8/




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for making research, as I said it’s not mine site. I see it optimized well, I showed you http://www.bannersmall.com/ because it has problem with top bar as my site http://nuforms.com where I turned off Top bar because of problem I described in the first post.




    I’ll report this issue to Kriesi but I’m not sure if he will solve it because a function rewrite would be required (at the moment he checks a cookie on the php level and he’d need “implement” this check into avia.js). For now you need to deactivate the page cache (you can still use the minify feature, etc. of W3TC) or you can use a dedicated top bar plugin like: Foobar.



    The next version will probably not have this feature, due to time restraints but I will keep it in mind for the upcoming future…



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