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    I am so new with wordpress I will sound silly here but, I am really trying to learn. I have bought several training dvd’s and I am learning.

    I need to recover the portfolio 2 col page that like a dumbass I deleted. I have already enetered a ton of stuff and do not want to start from the beginning. I have found a plugin that allows me to copy all pages which I have done now so I have extras but this page was deleted before i made copies and its gone.

    Is there a way I can recover it? I do have the zip file if needed.


    Ok well I thought it was me but the pages are disappearing. I had the contact page setup all as it was without changing it and now it is no longer in the page listing nor on the site. I hope so one here can help




    if you deleted one or more php files you can restore them easily. Just use tools like “filezilla” (or any other ftp client) to upload these files again (you need to unpack the theme zip file first to get the php files). If you deleted content from the database it’s not possible to restore the data without a database backup (iin this case ask your hoster – maybe they make backups automatically each week/month, etc.).



    I think I am getting a handle on this. I was using a plugin that cloned the pages. It seems that was causing issues.

    I want to have a copy of each page so I can use it for several pages on my website.

    I am not sure but if I use the save draft function for each page will that allow me to always have a clean page? My purpose is so I can use each upscale page wherever I want on the site and how many times I need to. I have tried saving a draft but it alwys refers back to the original page unless I am doing something wrong.

    I do not program so I am relying on the theme and templates to build my site.

    If saving each page as a draft is not the right way which way do you suggest I save them.

    I had to reinstall WP 3 times so far trying to get the pages back. I do not know which folders I should copy back. There are several php folders and css folders within your theme folder. Is there some info I can read that will tell me which actual folders I will need to copy to correct missing pages if I mess up again?

    I know I am asking a lot. I am trying to learn as I go. I appreciate all your help. Without themes like yours I could never attempt to build my own site. Thank You

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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