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    is there any solution to reduce the style in the code source because as you can see below I have a long a long style dynamic.css

    I copied half of it but you can check it out at http://expresscoloradotransportation.com

    thank you.

    <!– custom styles set at your backend–>

    <style type=’text/css’ id=’dynamic-styles’>

    ::-moz-selection{background-color: #2d5c88;color: #f2f5fa;}::-webkit-selection{background-color: #2d5c88;color: #f2f5fa;}::selection{background-color: #2d5c88;color: #f2f5fa;}body.boxed {background-color: #b30e27;}body.boxed { background: #b30e27 url() center center repeat scroll ;}.header_color, .header_color div, .header_color span, .header_color applet, .header_color object, .header_color iframe, .header_color h1, .header_color h2, .header_color h3, .header_color h4, .header_color h5, .header_color h6, .header_color p, .header_color blockquote, .header_color pre, .header_color a, .header_color abbr, .header_color acronym, .header_color address, .header_color big, .header_color cite, .header_color code, .header_color del, .header_color dfn, .header_color em, .header_color img, .header_color ins, .header_color kbd, .header_color q, .header_color s, .header_color samp, .header_color small, .header_color strike, .header_color strong, .header_color sub, .header_color sup, .header_color tt, .header_color var, .header_color b, .header_color u, .header_color i, .header_color center, .header_color dl, .header_color dt, .header_color dd, .header_color ol, .header_color ul, .header_color li, .header_color fieldset, .header_color form, .header_color label, .header_color legend, .header_color table, .header_color caption, .header_color tbody, .header_color tfoot, .header_color thead, .header_color tr, .header_color th, .header_color td, .header_color article, .header_color aside, .header_color canvas, .header_color details, .header_color embed, .header_color figure, .header_color fieldset, .header_color figcaption, .header_color footer, .header_color header, .header_color hgroup, .header_color menu, .header_color nav, .header_color output, .header_color ruby, .header_color section, .header_color summary, .header_color time, .header_color mark, .header_color audio, .header_color video, #top .header_color .pullquote_boxed{border-color:#d1def0;}.header_color , .header_color .site-background, .header_color .first-quote, .header_color .related_image_wrap, .header_color .gravatar img, .header_color .comment-reply-link, .header_color .inner_slide .numeric_controls a, .header_color .hr_content, .header_color .news-thumb, .header_color .post-format-icon, .header_color .ajax_controlls a{background-color:#f2f5fa;color: #102438;}.header_color h1, .header_color h2, .header_color h3, .header_color h4, .header_color h5, .header_color h6, .header_color strong, .header_color strong a, .header_color .sidebar .current_page_item a, .header_color .pagination .current, .header_color .comment-count, .header_color .callout .content-area, .header_color .avia-big-box .avia-innerbox, .header_color .avia-big-box .avia-innerbox a{color:#000004;}.header_color .meta-color, .header_color .sidebar, .header_color .sidebar a, .header_color .minor-meta, .header_color .minor-meta a, .header_color .text-sep, .header_color .quote-content, .header_color .quote-content a, .header_color blockquote, .header_color .post_nav a, .header_color .comment-text, .header_color .template-search a.news-content, .header_color .subtitle_intro, .header_color div .hr_content, .header_color .hr a, .header_color .breadcrumb, .header_color .breadcrumb a, .header_color .portfolio_excerpt, .header_color .avia-big-box-bellow, .header_color .side-container-inner, .header_color .news-time{color: #797B7F;}.header_color a, .header_color .widget_first{color:#2d5c88;}.header_color a:hover, .header_color h1 a:hover, .header_color h2 a:hover, .header_color h3 a:hover, .header_color h4 a:hover, .header_color h5 a:hover, .header_color h6 a:hover, .header_color .template-search a.news-content:hover{color: #4686c2;}.header_color .primary-background, .header_color .dropcap2, .header_color .primary-background a, .header_color .slide_controls a:hover, .header_color .avia_welcome_text, .header_color .avia_welcome_text a, .hea


    It’s required for the theme styling. If you don’t want to insert it in the head section you can copy/paste the code into css/custom.css. Then open up wp-contentthemeschoicesframeworkphpclass-style-generator.php and delete or comment out

    if($addaction) add_action('wp_head',array(&$this, 'create_styles'),1000);

    Note that this will break the backend styling options. Everytime you want to change the colors, etc. you need to add this line to the file again, then reload the page and copy/paste the new styling code to css/custom.css.

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