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    Hello there,

    I’m building a website locally using Shoutbox. On my Blog Overview Page (homepage) I have the Featured Posts slider set to include 3 specific categories that altogether have 36 posts. I set the slider to cycle through 36 posts as well, so all get one look. Because there are 3 slots for featured posts thumbnails under the main slider, it makes sense that there should be 3 underneath at all times (36 divided by 3 = 12, very neatly).

    However, when I first click on the home page, there are 4 featured posts thumbnails under the main slider – 3 in the normal row, and then 1 directly under the first one in its own second row. As it cycles, it leaves space for the second row although there is nothing filling it, and when it gets to the last posts, there is a row of only 2 thumbnails. Can you tell me what I need to edit to specify that there should only be one row? It looks kind of dopey to have so much space between the slider and the News Blog when there’s an empty second row =)

    Very best,



    This double thumbnail problem under the slider keeps coming up lately. Check some of the previous posts. You might find the answer there.



    Hi Rich,

    Hmmm…I ran through a few different search terms, but I didn’t come across anyone with the same issue as me. Do you remember a post you saw that addressed this same issue? If so, I will be happy to check it out.

    Thank you,



    Hi Amy,

    Are you using the latest version of Shoutbox and WordPress? If you have any plugins activate, deactivate them and see if that corrects the issue. In the meantime, I’m going to tag the rest of the support team because I don’t recall seeing a similar issue.





    @rumblefish Could you please point me to the posts where you’ve seen this problem coming up lately, because I couldn’t find any and was looking if someone else solved it already.

    @ces-design Since this is on your localhost, its hard to tell what’s happening, any chance u can push it online somewhere private so we can take a look at it? Otherwise to QA it I would first delete one of your 36 to see if that makes a difference with 35 or 34 in total. When you were making the page did this problem begin all of a sudden or the 4th thumbnail was always present even when you added the first 4 to the slider?

    I would create a new slider and start adding the images while keeping track of how the page looks. If this happens immediately, then you should re-install WordPress + the theme, since it doesn’t happen on my localhost with my setup.

    Please let us know how it turns out,



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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