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    Here’s the site:

    I’ve tried Toggles and Tabs, but for some reason the shortcode does not respond when on the front end. I’ve searched the forum. I used the “active” within the shortcode, and it opened up but it stayed open. I can view them when they have “active” within the shortcode, but by doing this they don’t “toggle” they just stay open.

    Also, can you not use shortcodes with the Toggle shortcode? Was trying to split my toggles into 2 columns but when I used active to open them, it wasn’t working.

    However, I must add toggles and tabs aren’t working on any page within the site. I’m hoping if I can get them solved for this page, I can solve the whole site.



    When creating shortcodes make sure that you are on the HTML view of the editor.

    You can look on Avisio documentation for shortcode reference. Please use the settings provided because editing or adding functions may not work properly without editing the shortcode files.




    Thanks. I will look into everything again and see if there is something I’m messing up somehow.

    There are a couple people who add content to the site, and I’m not sure how they’ve inputted in the shortcodes to know if it’s the same or different. Though no one’s codes are working.

    Thanks again. I’ll double check everything and if I have issues, I’ll be sure to post back.


    Thanks zacchaeusn7. Just inform us. :)






    I’ve gone thru the documentation. I’ve followed all the instructions. I’ve tried toggles and tabs. Nothing is working.

    I’m completely clueless now.


    Hi zacchaeusn7,

    Can you try to disable/deactivate the other plugins.



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