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    it seems like shortcode toggle is not working inside shortcode one_fourth – am I wrong or is there any fix for that?




    Are the shortcakes both on their own lines?

    I’ll take a look into this.



    Yes the cakes are all on their own line ;-)

    What were your findings on this?



    Curious, I found something similar when adding toggles within tabs. I figured out a workaround but unfortunately it doesn’t work for toggles added to [one_fourth], [one_half], [three_fourth], etc.

    I’ll let you know if I figure it out.


    Have a look at this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -visually-within-tabs

    The Dude


    ok, figured it out. p.s. that thread above only works for “tabs” and not [one_fourth], etc.

    The reason the toggles break is because the [one_fourth], [one_half] etc. shortcodes wrap each element in a paragraph thus breaking the script function of the toggles. So why not fight fire with fire.

    lets use jQuery to remove those elements

    add this code just below your last [one_fourth] shortcode (obviously editing in html form within your page or post – not visual)


    p.s. to the site admins, I’m sure you could add and if/then statement to the original functions to correct this in future revisions.


    I’ll report your fix to Kriesi. Your help is much appreciated.

    The Dude


    I tried this solution but did not work, any luck?


    I informed Kriesi about this fix but he didn’t like it. He plans to release an update but he needs to rewrite the shortcode.


    I discovered this site when I browsed your portfolio. I really like the pattern it uses – where did you get it from?

    The Dude


    I will wait on the fix, however, I customized a lot of the website, and I am afraid if I update the theme that I would loose all the customization I have done.

    @dude, with regards to relevantfashion pattern, did you mean the background?


    The shortcode is just a php file – you need to replace it with the old one when an update is released.

    @sixagency: yes, I mean this renaissance like patern in the background and/or footer.


    OK, thanks I wait for the update then.


    Excellent, I will wait for the update, how can I be informed?

    @dude, it was a picture taken out of a wallpaper. do you want it?


    Yes please,

    can you send the pattern to

    (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Thank you..

    The Dude


    Hello, everyone.

    I am having some issues with this accordion toggler which I would like to have inserted between [one_half] and [/one_half] tags.The issue is that the [one_half] tag uses <p>aragraphs to wrap everything it includes.

    Any idea how to turn off the auto-wrapping of the <p>aragraphs in those [one_half] tags?





    at the moment the accordion toggler doesn’t work within columns (Kriesi needs to rewrite the shortcode). However you can try this fix: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -visually-within-tabs

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