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    Hi, I used your theme for a client and after updating WordPress it crashed the slider and toggles. Your code for the editor worked for the slider (thank you for that!). However, the toggles still don’t work. Any ideas how I can fix this. I updated all of their plugins and followed all the other instructions.

    Here is a link to the issue:


    Also, I would like to upgrade their site to a new theme. Is there a theme of yours that would allow me to easily update the site with instead of rebuilding everything?




    Hey David,

    You can try to edit the js/custom.js file and search for the line:

    if(jQuery.browser.msie &&  jQuery.browser.version < 7) jQuery(this).addClass(‘ie6_lightbox’);

    and simply delete it since it should not be required any more. The browser console tells me that this is causing the problem. 
    I am afraid that none of our current themes are 100% compatible with the Shortcodes used in Avisio, since the theme is really old by now and we used to do things different back then. Your best bet is probably to use the Enfold Theme. I took a look at the site and since you are not using a lot of shortcodes most of the theme should look fine by default. you would probably only need to change header images/slideshows and toggles :)

    Best regards,

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    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. We’ll definitely get the Enfold theme. I know there isn’t a theme that can just be transferred exactly – just looking at minimized work.

    As for your recommendation to the issue right now. How do I edit that code? Is it in the editor? I couldn’t find custom.js so I went through every option and used the find option but couldn’t find it. Or do I need to download a plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-javascript-editor/screenshots/



    Hi David,

    To edit the file, you need to use a FTP client such as Filezilla or ask if your web host provides you with a cpanel.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Powell


    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the reply. I managed to connect with Godaddy. We tried finding the file in the file manager but had no luck. Can you give me a clearer direction as to where it would be?

    Is it under the Avisio theme or is it somewhere else? – currently, I am looking under webroot / wp-content / themes / avisio / js / custom.js

    I was unable to find it. Any ideas?





    thats the correct file. the  code is located in line 566

    Best regards,

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