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    I’m looking to add a little more spice to Abundance, even though it’s already a spicy meatball.

    I would like to add the TN3 Gallery to the site. Can you please tell me if there are any know issues with using third party theme extensions/plugins with the gallery settings.

    Otherwise, if you could suggest custom functions to allow additional gallery shortcodes etc, I would really appreciate it.

    The link to TN3 Gallery is here:


    Looking through the features of Abundance, I can see that this could be achieved with a different layout applied to the css on the Caption Slider.

    Are you aware of any user that has experimented with changing the look of Caption Slider?

    Are there any future plans to add more precise jquery effects ( horizontal sizing & timing for example ) to the Caption Slider gallery?




    I haven’t tested the plugin yet but it seems to be very powerful. If it uses wp and jquery standards to load the scripts it should work with our theme. I’m not aware of any upcoming updates regarding slider animations or features.


    Thanks Peter. I’ll mark as resolved.



    Just to let you know – I can confirm that TN3 gallery works with our themes. I’ll add it to the recommended plugins list soon.

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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