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    Can the thumbnails on the product page of a category be changed to show correct ratio? I am trying to show panoramic landscape photos but when you click into a category (like landscapes) the thumbnails of the products (prints for sale) are all the same height and width (cropped image) rather than showing the correct format of the image (panoramic). You can see an example at

    Here you will see the thumbnails are cropped and not the correct ratio to show that they are panoramic images. Once you select and image and go to that specific page then the image shows correctly. How can I fix this? Thanks.


    Hi peterbarlow23!

    You can change the settings of the WooCommerce image output in the WooCommerce settings. Go to the Catalog tab and at the bottom will be the image dimension options and the crop checkbox for turning on crop/no crop.



    Thanks Devin, I’m getting closer. Is there a way of changing the size of the image on the product page after I have made the content box wider and centering the image. Across the site I have increased the content box width to 750px and would like the product image that displays as an “image list attached to entry” on individual product pages to be at least 700px wide. Currently they are staying at the default size of 430px. Could you let me know where I can change that so the default is 700px (I’m not sure if this is controlled via Woocommerce or lightbox).

    I tried to override the
    .image_overlay_effect lightbox_image (
    width: 700px;

    but that didn’t work.

    I think the exif data area may be causing it. I turned of exif data visibility but the area where is appears is still there. That may not be the case if the default image comes through bigger. Anyway, hopefully you can help.


    AN example of what I mean is:



    Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and increase the “Single Product Image” thumbnail size to 700px (width). Then regenerate the images with:

    Best regards,

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