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    Flashlight: another fantastic theme! On the homepage, clicking “hide sidebar & content” makes thumbnails show up. First, this isn’t at all obvious, and second, my client would like to have those thumbnails always there with any full page gallery. Is there a way to do that? There was a place to turn on thumbnails in the settings, but it did not have this effect. Thanks in advance.


    Hoping still for an answer to this…if we can’t leave the thumbnails on, could you tell me where to change the text, “hide sidebar & content” so i could make it clearer this is how to get them?

    Thanks much!



    you can use following css code in css/custom.css to style the “hide sidebar” text:

    .hide_content_wrap {
    color: #000;
    font-size: 20px;

    You can add/change any css attribute of course.


    Thank you, but I’m not trying to style that type, I’m trying to change what it says. I’ve hunted for it in the various php files but cannot locate it there. (btw, could you have added a custom.php file so that we wouldn’t have to make changes to php docs in the theme? It would be a good addition, just in case)

    I had also been wondering whether thumbnails could be turned on (without losing the navigation box) on the homepage when it opens; I take it the answer to that is no?


    Another user requested this feature (thumbnails on page load) and I reported the feature request to Kriesi. I can’t say/promise if it will be included in the next updates or not. Atm it’s not possible.

    The text can be found in flashlightincludeshelper-slideshow.php – search for following line and edit the text:

    $data .= " data-hide='".__('hide sidebar & content','avia_framework')."'";


    I would really like an answer if it is possible to always show the thumbnails?

    And I would still like to be able to show/hide the content and menu.


    Kriesi hasn’t reported back on this issue. I’m not sure if he’ll add include it in the next update or not but (to be honest) I doubt it.


    I would really like it if you could just scroll the mouse over the very bottom of the browser window and have the thumbnails appear

    Please mention that to Kriesi aswell


    Hey, another big vote for this visible thumbnail feature! I will have to switch themes if this can’t be implemented. PLEASE include it Kriesi!!!

    Many thanks


    Just adding my vote on being able to view full screen with thumbnail strip on bottom :)

    I was thinking it would nice to have a portfolio page automatically load to full screen with the thumbnails already showing on the bottom (instead of the viewer having to click the small icon/text on bottom left).

    I think a lot of “regular” folks don’t realize/notice the option to hide the sidebar and content to view the slideshow full screen is even there- it is kind of hidden.


    Good point Bsteele. Maybe something can be added later on for more thumbnail strip options.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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