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    On the homepage of my site the thumbnails are displaying not as thumbnails, but as the top left hand corner of the full sized feature image. When I mouseover the correct image is displayed.

    How do I make the correct image display all the time? And how do I get the ratings thing working properly?

    What I see –

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-11.34.24-125×125.png” />

    What I should see –

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-11.34.34-125×125.png” />



    Kriesi released an update for Expose yesterday which should fix the gallery feature. You can download it


    hey @dude

    Can you please make sticky Changelog Topic i think this going to be very helpful for customers

    as you mention there is new update but i dont know what this update about :-P



    some users experienced problems with the gallery hover effect (big thumbnail popup) with the updated version we released some weeks ago. Kriesi looked into it and found a small js bug. He uploaded the fixed version yesterday. If you don’t use the hover thumbnail feature (and I can rember that I helped you to remove it) the update won’t effect you.


    Yay – that fixed that problem :)


    Glad that the update solved the problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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