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    Hi, I have multiple pages with multiple thumbnails on each but they do not all always load. I will see the spinning gif for all of them but once it loads only half of them appear. Each thumbnail (which is created by using the portfolio feature) has several thumbnails within it – thus creating a separate slide show for each.

    Here’s one of the pages:

    My client is hosted with Yahoo. Perhaps this could be the problem?

    Much thanks



    I’m not sure if I am seeing the site correctly, I can see 5 portfolio items with different set of images. They seem to be working just fine.




    There should be 4 rows with 4 columns totaling 14 thumbnails (only 2 in the last row). Is this what you are seeing? Sometimes they appear and sometimes they don’t all load (although their <> buttons do appear when you mouse-over the blank area).

    Can you take another look? Thanks, its much appreciated.


    Hi mediumstudio,

    I checked your site again, and I can see all those 14 thumbnails (in 4 rows). The site is a bit slow and had some delay before showing up all the images but it loads all the images on my end. Try to contact your webhost about it or try to use some optimization plugins (like cache). :)




    sounds good to me! thanks – u guys are providing great support!



    Always glad to help. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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