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    Love the theme its quite stylish. Here is an issue I am having atm though:

    If I make a blog post in ‘standard’ format and add at least one large and wide image to my ‘slideshow’ via the ‘Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos’ input box, then that post works fine on the site overall. The large, wide image appears on the post itself and on the blog summary page (ie an ‘overview’ page), and two different thumbnails of that image are created: a small one for the ‘Propulsion Latest News’ widget and a slightly larger one for the ‘Related Posts’ links that appear below other posts. This is all good, it works well and is quite attractive and styled.

    However…the problem: These are the only posts I can make to the site that have thumbnails that propagate out to the Latest News widget and ‘Related Posts’ area. If I make any other kind of post format (link, quote, etc), or if I make a standard post without that giant wide slideshow image, then the system breaks. All I get are blank grey images for the thumbnails and related post content images, which make it look to visitors like they are broken or incomplete posts.

    Now, I *can* go into a post, use the upload image tool, go to the the media library and set a “featured image” for that particular post…but then that image appears ONLY with the ‘Latest News’ widget content, it is not picked up by the ‘Related Post’ content which just has a blank image. Also if I do this, there is no way to see this image in the post editor itself, or even to know if the post has a featured image set. This is because the slideshow featured image interface seems to have been used to replace, rather than supplant, the regular WordPress featured image area I think.

    So in other words, it appears to me that the only kinds of posts I can make that ‘fit’ into the overall theme, and propagate proper thumbnails to the Related Posts and Propulsion Latest News content areas, are standard posts with gigantic wide slideshow images. This seems like I have missed something, because I don’t think this is how the theme is supposed to work, with half or more of the posts being linked to by empty grey boxes, right?

    So I guess I am just asking: If I don’t want the post image to be a giant wide slideshow image, how can I both set and see the featured image for posts in this theme (and get this featured image to propagate thumbnail images onto other pages)? I can’t figure it out. Right now all my posts are beginning to look identically grandiose with giant wide billboards atop them ;)

    I’ve tried a lot of things to figure out this problem (including reading through the forums here), and none of them quite work. I am open to making customizations, and have implemented this in a child theme.


    Another way of thinking of this might be: how can I selectively disable the slideshow from appearing on any particular post? That might actually be the best solution, maybe, because then I could use the ‘Featured Media – add any number…’ input box to just set the featured image (and thus thumbnails) of every post, whether or not its being displayed as a giant slide. It does a great job of creating the two different thumbnails when I set an image in the slideshow this way. Just need to figure out how to prevent it from also displaying that image as a giant slide on selective posts of my choosing.

    I have hundreds of great images I want to use with my posts (selected bits of which would also make good thumbnails) but most of them are unsuitable for a 3:1 aspect ratio wide slide atop the post. And thus (so far it seems) I cannot get a ‘Related Posts’ thumbnail from any of these images, even if they are attached and displayed to a post normally.



    I suggest using a conditional tag for category, you can create a dummy category for posts which you don’t want to display a slider. This method is assuming that you are using a standard post format. Let’s create for example a “No Slider” category and add the category on a specific posts. Now open includes > format-standard.php and find this code

    $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID());
    if($slider) echo $slider->display();

    Replace it with

    if ( in_category( 'No Slider' )) {
    $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID());
    if($slider) echo $slider->display();
    } else {


    All the posts with the “No Slider” category will have no slider on top of the content.




    Excellent and simple solution, TY very much. I tweaked it a little…I created a category called ‘images’ and so when visitors select that category, they get taken to all the posts with large slider images. If a post is not given the ‘images’ category, the main slider will simply not be displayed on that post.

    An extra category is a totally acceptable price to pay for solving the main problem of getting all the posts to have both types of thumbnail images. And in the post editor I can now always see the ‘featured image’ that is used as the basis of the thumbnails, whether or not that post has a slideshow being shown. And of course if I want to have the post use a slideshow, the first slideshow image just becomes the featured image (as it ought to). It all fits together.

    This is now the 3rd question Ive asked here in this forum and gotten speedy and helpful replies! You guys are great.



    Glad that Ismael could help you :)



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