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    This is one of the strangest features – displaying thumbnails within thumbnails on home page.

    The earlier ver displayed black & white image that turned into a color on hover.

    How does one achieve this without having to downgrade to an earlier ver?



    I believe I have the latest angular version but it doesn’t show a thumbnail within a thumbnail.

    Can you give us a link? :)




    I have captured the screen shot

    Is there a way to upload it here, or send you e-mail?


    Here is the link that shows thumbnail within a thumbnail …

    once again, here is a brief description of the problem …

    home page has a grid of images (in the default theme)

    the grid displays thumbnails of larger portfolio images

    in my case, a thumbnail appears inside the thumbnail

    see this link:

    I am using the latest ver 1.2 (angular theme)



    Kindly inspect the selector for the little thumbnail then add display:none to it on your custom.css



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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