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    My topic seems to have evaporated from any sort of searchable history, so I ask again:

    How do I modify gallery thumbnails for my portfolio items? As an example, on my website’s gallery ( ) I would like to have my first item, the Aquatic Source logo previewed in full rather than being awkwardly cropped off. I have tried to Edit Image, custom crop my image and save thumbnail (and other changes) but it makes no difference to the main gallery thumbnails. Is there another way to achieve this without having a cluttered gallery of thumbnails and images or am I needing to enable custom thumbnails in a hidden setting somewhere on WordPress? What’s the deal?

    Thanks for your reply.


    Hey 261311,

    I believe the question was answered by a poster and Dude in this thread:

    The work around from Realmisr was:

    If you go to theme settings -> layout settings -> and where it says slideshow behavior on overview pages – change that to the last option “display only single images…except for first one”

    After you do that, you can simply upload a closeup of your image and place it as the first entry in the slideshow, and have your desired image as the 2nd entry in the slideshow.

    That way, it will take the 1st image closeup and generate a closeup thumbnail out of that, but it will never display it when you click into the item because it’s set to never show the 1st entry.


    I don’t understand how I wasn’t able to find my thread by name, search, physical looking, whatever I guess. Thanks for your help, worked perfectly.

    Both can be closed :D


    Glad that Devin could help you – Status set to resolved.


    No worries! Glad we could get the issue sorted out :)

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