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    Just getting my head around how this will work for me.

    Is there a way to set the max size of the featured image in a post?

    And it seems like the thumbnail overwrite option isn’t working – the auto thumbnail is generating from the top left corner which, in order to fit the size on the post, doesn’t really work so the overwrite option would be of use to me.



    Also… how can I stop the popup boxes on the front page? They’re getting in the way.

    My ratings stars ain’t working

    And I’ve lost my nav….


    Figured out the navigation bar – I had to create a menu with the links which I wanted going across the top, the first item is the one covered by the home icon so I added in a link to the home page for that.

    Popup boxes on home page – resolved with introduction of a new custom.js file found in another thread.

    Still to resolve:

    Ratings stars not working on gallery or on the pages themselves

    How to change size of the featured image in the post

    How to change the thumbnails so that it uses the custom one, or so that the created one is more useful, or so that it shows the one that is shown when I rollover it currently

    How to make search provide results on tags

    I intend to edit this post or add to this thread whenever I find solutions. I also intend to describe my solutions, hopefully in a way that others can follow.

    My site is at


    Since the title etc of this is so far off what I’m talking about I shall abandon this thread and start a new one – please feel free to delete this thread, no information will be lost

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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