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    So I am using the Coalition theme and I love it so far- only a couple little tweaks I can’t figure out:

    – I am cropping portfolio images under “edit image” and applying changes to “thumbnail” only. Unfortunately the cropped version doesn’t appear to “stick” and doesn’t work anywhere on the site. I would like it to work in the main portfolio gallery. Right now the crops are all automatic and look sloppy.

    – I can’t figure out how to direct users to the actual page for each portfolio entry. RIght now when you click on an item it just goes to the pop up slideshow of images but won’t allow users to continue on to a page. All of the text I have written for each entry is not visible.

    Your help will be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Luci


    Hello? Am I asking dumb questions? Looking for help….




    1) You can change the slideshow/image dimensions in functions.php (I’d only adjust the height value). Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with:

    WP center crops all images and you can only use hacks like: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -crop-position-in-wordpress/ to change this behaviour.

    2) Go to your portfolio entry editor pages and scroll down to the “Add featured media” option field. You can change the link behaviour of all featured images. I.e. instead of “lightbox” select “link to this Post” and the user will redirected to the single post page when he clicks on a thumbnail.


    Thank You! I will try all this and let you know how it all went.

    :) Luci


    I hope it worked :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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