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    I am having alot of problems with my theme and I have worked with many WordPress themes for all sorts of different types of sites. I am not that technically inclined, so this theme (Abundance) I am having a mountain of problems, I can’t figure out how to work the pages and how to get certain things displayed. Is there some support here that could help me with few things, I prefer not posting everything on here. Perhaps an IM assistant, i have no problem giving out my user/pass as well for support.



    Also to add, I don’t think i have the newest version of the theme, I purchased this 2 weeks ago.



    The latest WooCommerce version requires an update. Kriesi released Abundance 1.3 yesterday – please download it from

    We can’t give you personal support via messenger, skype, etc. – please use the support forum if you’ve any requests.


    Hi can you tell me exactly where to download this? Am i downloading the latest version of WooCommerce or Abundance??/


    Where am I looking to find the updates for both WooCommerce and the newest release for Abundance? Thanks



    The latest version of abundance can be found at themeforest. just log into account and then at the top right of the screen hover over your account name and wait for the dropdown menu to open, then click the “my downloads” link. there you can download the latest version.

    The latest version of woocommerce can be downloaded either from your wordpress backend if you already have woocommerce installed or directly here:

    Also I just want to add that ecommerce themes in gerneral are a little harder to use than blog or portfolio themes. thats unfortunately the nature of ecommerce since you usually need to setup a lot of stuff, and take a lot of things into account. Hope you make your way through the theme and plugin nevertheless :)


    Hello yes that was what i was referring to the blogs that i run and review site I have on WP.

    Dealing with this Ecommerce theme is nightmare right now :(


    Just in case you didnt see them yet:

    Here are some videos on how to setup portions of the theme, might be helpful to see how its done on a video, even if there is no sound.

    If you have a specific question about something just search the forum, it might be already there, and if not feel free to create a new thread.

    I will close this one for now ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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