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    Hi Im wondering if a few things are possible. One is relatively smaller than the other.

    1) I’d like to be able to have a link in my menu, for instance, that says reel. When you click on it, instead of going to a page or portoflio page, it opens prettyphoto and plays the video. Is this possible?

    2) This is a bit more complicated and would probably take a lot of tweaking. My client is interested in having more than one type of file format for video playback. So I’m curious if there is a way to have the thumbnail, but instead of linking to the video directly through the thumbnail I can have a link under it that says Mov for a movie file and also two other links that say wmv and flash. When you click on either one it opens light box with the proper video. I know this is probably doable with custom fields, but, Im not knowledgable to do it on my own.



    Any one have an idea about how to implement these things?


    1) Yes – you can create your own Menu (including (external) links) under Appearance > Menu

    Just add a link to your menu with i.e. following link text:

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[flash]" title="Flash 10 demo">Reel</a>

    2) It’s possible by doing some modifications but as you pointed out it’s a complex task and beyond the scope of this support forum.


    Any way I could hire one of you to take on that 2nd task?


    When i copy and paste that into custom link it isnt keeping the information when i save the menu….


    1) You need to add the link to your menu first. Create the link on the left side, add it to your menu and save it afterwards.

    2) Please send me a mail to (Email address hidden if logged out) with more details. Just a side note – please be aware that prettyphoto can’t play wmv files.


    For number 1, I did that, and it takes the code rel=”prettyPhoto” and changes it to rel=prettyPhoto and doesnt recognize it. So when you click on the link, it doesnt open the file in prettyPhoto you go straight to the file in a new window. :/


    Nevermind, I just realized the link relationship form is actually the same as the rel=”” so I put prettyPhoto there and it works! Sweet. I will get back to you with more details on the customization soon! Thank you !


    Glad that you solved the problem.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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