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    I started the migration from my old theme to the new related with this forum, and I have some serious problem.

    1 – I have at least 3 years of posts, and most of them has a featured image defined. Any way to make my theme to use the featured image already defined in my posts?

    2 – This situation is a bug in my opinion. I chose one of the images previously uploaded as featured image, when I save the post, the post doesn’t has the featured image I choose.

    If I upload a new image and define this image as featured image, it works, but I don’t want to duplicate all of my images and manually.

    3 – Another issue is related with the thumbnail, in my website it is 48×48. There are many situation where I wanna a thumbnail but I don’t the same thumbnail as feature image. So, this template always assume the featured image will be used as thumbnail and it’s not true.

    How to solve this?

    My site is http://www.andreanolanusse.com

    Any help I will appreciate.





    as far as I know Broadscope doesn’t use the standard post thumbnail function (featured image function). The reason is that there’re some limitations (i.e. you can only attach one featured image without hacking the function or using plugins) and you can’t create multiple slideshows with the standard featured image function. I’ll ask Kriesi if he wrote an import script or something similiar.


    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for your answer. I understand and the multiple slideshows is really cool, but for thumbnail the standard wordpress function works perfect.

    If I have to use the theme featured image, the theme needs at least to give me the option to say which image I want to use as thumbnail.



    Any updates on my issues?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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