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    Hi there,

    Your theme is great… It’s so flexible and userfriendly, so good work.. I recently upgraded to the version 1.3.1 and woocommerce 1.5.3 and I’m having dramas on a few things since the upgrade

    On IE on the shop view the product images are spaced not uniform (whereas on IE9 & Mozilla its perfect)

    Also the “Add to Cart” and “Show Details” are not centered on the product images only some, and the others they appear at the top of the box.

    Also, the menu is not clickable on IE6 & IE8

    I have re-downloaded the files and reinstalled them, thinking it may be a corrupt file etc but the problems exist both times.

    And it worked perfectly prior to the upgrade.

    The website is

    Also the zoom function shows double images, rather than one, however this happened prior to the upgrade.

    Please let me know if you need any more info.

    Thanks again for the great theme


    Hi whatsonsale,

    I’m not quite getting all the same issues when testing with IE. Do you have a screenshot of whats happening with the alignment?

    I’m also able to use the menus with IE7 and 8 thought I do not have the ability to test in IE6 any longer.

    I am getting the repeating image with the hover images and I’ll flag this for another of the support to take a look at so that we might be able to provide a fix before another updated.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the reponse, I’ve only just seen it now.

    These screenshots were in IE7

    The “show details” on the shop view sometimes appears at the top of the product thumbnail, sometimes in the middle.

    I have seen this on other websites as well, for example on the main abundance demo website.

    There was a great example of customisation on (good work) but it still had the same issue

    I took a screenshot of this in IE9

    It’s a great theme, but the older version was 100% stable, with no problems, however since I have upgrade there seems to be compatibilty problems…

    Can you please help!!

    Many thanks


    Hi whatsonsale,

    I can’t see anything in those screenshots as its a bit too small. Its a bit hard to diagnose the problems however since I can’t seem to reproduce them. I’m wondering if it might be an issue with what you are using to test since you see issues with the demo site. What tool are you using to test in IE?





    regarding the x2 picture with zoom function it happens to me sometimes and I believe it can be because of the picture size/ default format used by woocommerce.



    Thanks Boudoirs, yes that’s it, it is because the actual single product image size is smaller than what is specified, the zoom just repeats the image to fill up the gap.. thanks I’ll be able to sort it out.

    Hi Devin, I have ie7 on my home computer so when I look at home I get that result, however the “show details” that appears in the top or middle I get when I’m using ie9 as well

    It’s on this site but the same happens on my site.

    I am able to replicate it… Goto row 6 column 1 and the show details appears at the top whereas the rest in the middle.

    This is one of the issues that happens on ie7 as well.


    Hm, it could be a specific version of IE7 as I’m still not able to get the same bug as you. We may not be able to offer a fix unless we can find the circumstances to reproduce whats happening.

    In IE9, what specific version do you have?


    This is what it says


    Update version 9.0.6


    I think I see whats happening. It looks like if you begin trying to hover over products before IE finishes loading the page it can cause that error but if you just let the page load in full it wont ever appear. Its not every time though so I’m not even completely sure this is the root cause of it.

    Out of a dozen or so attempts at trying to reproduce it, I have only been able to get it happen twice and after refreshing the page it went away completely.

    Knowing that I’m not really sure there is anything we can do for a short term fix as it will need to be look at by Kriesi to see if anything can be done at all.


    Thanks Devin, if you can forward it on that would be great.

    The theme is great to use and so versitile.. however the older version is perfect in every browser whereas the upgrade is not…

    I would like to use it for other website, but am hesitant because of this…

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