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    Is there a reason the theme is not updated via the dashboard? I’ve purchased the theme for a client, using my Themeforrest account, and she is now unable to update the theme without me forwarding it to her. Also she obviously can’t access these forums either.

    How can I rectify this?


    Hello am I able to get a response to this please? Thank you.



    I’m not exactly sure if I understand you correctly. What do you mean by “without me forwarding it to her”?

    You need to override the old theme version with the latest version. You can easily do this by copying and pasting the new version on the older version via FTP.




    The updates for the theme do not come through on the WP dashboard. This means when there is an update I have to send her a copy of it to manually update herself. I am wanting to find out if there are any options to rectify this, as she will need to be able to update the theme herself in future without me having to send it to her every time.


    Unfortunately Envato/Themeforest doesn’t offer a theme update api for themeforest authors yet. However (probably) this system will ask you for the themeforest/envato login credentials – thus you’d need to share them with your client.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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