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    I am running the Visual Form Builder Pro plugin by Matthew Muro on my site with the Propulsion theme. Until the last theme update it was working perfectly. Since the theme update, if I try to change my form at all, the conditional logic will not work properly on new fields. What is really confusing is that the form fields that had conditional logic set before the theme update still work now as long as I do not make any changes to the settings.

    I have not had any luck getting a response from the plugin author but his FAQ suggests that a theme conflict could be the issue:

    My form can be found at:

    Please help!



    I could not find any javascript errors on the form page (you can use the Firebug or Chrome dev console to check your website for errors). Tbh I doubt this is a conflict with the theme but I’m not familiar with the plugin and I’m not entirely sure.


    Hi dude,

    Here is a simpler example:

    Dropdown A (at the left) has 3 options. Each option on dropdown A has a different set of corresponding options on dropdown B (on the right). For some reason, the conditional logic works for options 1 & 2 on dropdown A but not option 3. The conditional logic settings are exactly the same for all three…


    Hi leonvalentine,

    As Dude said, there aren’t any errors showing that would give us any clue that there was an actual conflict. You could try to switch to default theme and see if it works then (the conditional logic) but it seems like the conditions for the missing option set are just not getting met.





    The only thing I am seeing is that you have 2 copies of prettyPhoto javascript running, though I am not sure if it’s causing that issue.

    We would need to have a look at the plugin to see what’s happening behind the scenes since there are no visible errors anywhere, its just the 3rd dropdown is completely ignored. The other thing I see is that the ID numbers of the first to dropdowns are sequential while the third one is not in the sequence 177, 178, 180. Can you try doing this again, with 3 and if it doesn’t work try adding a 4th to see if the 3rd one will start working. And please look in the plugin where the /plugins/vision/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js is enqueued and remove it since its never a good idea to be running duplicate jquery files.




    How is that possible when the logic settings are exactly the same for all three and two of them work? Could this just be a bug with the plugin?


    Thanks Nick, deleting the redundant jquery file seems to have corrected the issue. I really appreciate it.


    Glad Nick could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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