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    It appears the Incarnation theme has not been updated for what appears to be 2 years and is it not compatible with WordPress 4.9.6.? Can you please tell me the status of any updates, I am having issues that my hosting provider says is due to incompatibility with WordPress.


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    Hi jhess66!

    I’m sorry to say that currently, we do not have an ETA on the updates for the Incarnation theme, May I know exactly what is the issue you are facing at the moment so we can help you better.



    Hi Vinay,

    Wow, I hope you reconsider on an update, I LOVE this theme! The site in question is We were recently hacked and had malware inserted into our database. GoDaddy was awesome in helping us resolve the issue, which included additional security measures that including a firewall. This resulted in our password protected page not functioning.

    I had a simple text link in the footer that said “Trustee Login,” that was then linked to a password-protected page named “Trustee Login,’ simple enough and has worked well for quite some time. Once we got through the mess of the malware removal and addition of security, the link would take us to the login page but would not go any further. We would enter the password and it would act like it was going to load the page, but it just loaded the same login page. No error messages, we just couldn’t move past the login page.

    For now, we have taken the link off from the footer and the password off from the page. I have shared a direct link to the page that is published, but not available through any menus. This is my workaround until we can resolve the issue.

    GoDaddy’s WordPress support team could not resolve it as they found that the issue lay in the theme.

    I am providing you login credentials below.



    Could you please post FTP and WP admin logins here privately?

    Best regards,


    Sure, see below…



    SFTP logins did not work for me. Could you please check them once again and include the server as well? :)

    Best regards,


    How frustrating, I sent you this information but it did not go through, I have been waiting for days for a response, ugh. I hope you can get back to me soon, the client is getting upset.

    Because this is a Managed WordPress Site at GoDaddy, I believe you will need to access SFTP login through their interface since the credentials I gave you did not work. Please see below for account login…



    I have updated the theme however i cannot find the button in Footer instead seeing default widgets. Could you please try adding it once again so we can check it? :)

    Best regards,

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