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    I just bought the Expose theme 2 days ago. I am running wordpress 3.03. My website is

    Not much content yet but just trying to get the theme configured the way I want it before adding a bunch of stuff.


    1. The lightbox that appears when you mouse over a gallery item and the one that shows on post view reads the middle section of the image. Is there a way for it to start at the top of the image instead. I tried adjusting the alignment when inserting the image through the media browser but it does not take. I know it will only show a portion of the image, That is fine but I want it to start at the top of the image.

    The instructions included are not real clear on how to get the images on correctly. The instructions say go to the Post Thumbnail and click set thumbnail. In 3.0 this is not the case. There is no Post Thumbnail field. There is a field called Featured Image. This is where I was able to get thumbnails to work. Am I doing this correctly? Don’t see any other way.

    2. Image Sizes:

    In my wordpress it reads the following when I want to insert an image:

    Thumbnail 150 x 150, Medium 294 x 300, Large is grayed out and can’t even use it. Full size varies it seems.

    Am I missing something on the way images work with this theme?

    Your Help is appreciated.



    More importantly actually, Is there a way to have two different ratings with WP-PostRatings. For example an editors rating and a user rating for each postings? It would be cool to have the editors rating show in the gallery and then both show inside the post view.




    you can change the image dimensions by editing functions.php – i.e. to change the big preview image size (hover effect image) change:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['L'] = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>260);		// big preview pic for posts

    You can’t change the cropping process easily though. The problem was discussed here:

    Since WP3 there’s the featured image option – it replaces the thumbnail options. Kriesi just forgot to update the docs.

    The thumbnail sizes are preconfigured. You can change them under Settings > Media. The theme generates some more thumbnails based on the dimensions in functions.php.

    3) I must admit I’m not sure about this but according to the plugin page: I think it’s not possible.


    Thank you!


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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