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    maybe I just got that wrong, or maybe it is a bug. Anyways:

    I set the default layout for blog posts to medium image / right sidebar in the theme options panel – because that is what I want them to be like on single post view.

    For my blog page (overview with excerpts) I created a custom template in the template builder and chose small preview images in the settings for the blog section. Assigned that template to the “blog” page.

    But: medium image is displayed.

    So – what would be the correct way to have medium image / right sidebar on single post view and small image / right sidebar on the “blog” page





    Errrr – scratch that. The template builder wins, just as it is supposed to.

    I got confused because of another little glitch with the breadcrumb navigation – the breadcrumb link “blog” on single posts is NOT linked to the “blog” page, but to /category/blog, and on that archive page the default from theme options kicks in.

    So guess one more “if” needs to be added to the breadcrumb functions…


    I’ll report it to Kriesi. I’m not sure if it’s possible to implement the blog page into the breadcrumb because of technical reasons (every solution I can think of can return weird results under certain circumstances).


    yep, guessed so. That’s why I did not mark it as support request. Breadcrumbs are tricky little buggers… ;-)

    I implemented your fix for the product category breadcrumbs, and will just add one more check so it links “Blog” to my blog-page. This can be hard-wired and will be done in my child theme.

    No problem (hopefully ;-) )


    errrr – actually I could use a hand here… my guess is that this part in the definitions for single post view in class-breadcrumb.php needs changing:

    /* If there’s a path, check for parents. */
    if ( !empty( $path ) )
    $trail = array_merge( $trail, avia_breadcrumbs_get_parents( ”, $path ) );

    …but HOW do I tell the bugger to link to the Blog page (/blog) instead of the category page “blog” (/category/blog), if the post only has the standard “blog” category assigned, and add “Blog” AND category to the trail in case that an additional category has been assigned.

    What I try to get are breadcrumb trails on blog posts like this:

    home -> blog -> someblogpost (if post is in blog category, and “blog” should be linked to the Blog page that has been assigned in the theme options)

    home -> blog -> category -> someblogpost (if the post has an additional category assigned)

    My PHP sucks, and I bet there is someone around who needs less than 30 sec to solve this… ;-)

    big thanks!


    P.S.: the link to the “Blog” page can be static by page ID, no need to make things more complicated than needed… :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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