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    Hi guys,

    My top navigation displays the same menu no matter what is selected under “theme menu”. Please help me…

    Thanks in advance



    did you use the menu manager under Appearance > Menu? Please refer to this tutorial for more information: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-menu-behaves-weird


    Hmmm, I did, i was the guy with the recent “artifact” thread. I found and removed all of the descriptions and have added short 2-7 word ones like the tutorial mentions. The description lines that were showing are now gone, but the top navigation menu does not change unless I remove all custom menus except one.

    The site is

    Thanks for any help!


    The top nav menu now does not change no matter which one I choose, including not specifying any menus. Weird.



    I’ve had a look over the code and it appears to be a custom menu that’s being loaded. Can you set me up a WP admin account and email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Display | Theme Menu Not Working Right

    and I’ll take a look.



    Email sent. Thanks in advance!



    I think the problem might be because there is more than one menu, can you try removing all of them except one and change the links on the remaining one?

    I’d do this for you but there’s no easy way to restore the menu once deleted so I don’t want to do this on a live site.



    No worries, the site is not going live for another 4 weeks or so. As far as the menu, you are absolutely right, when I only had a single custom menu defined, the topnav menu displayed fine. However, the problem with that is that I use the additional 4 custom menus for my footer as widgets and I would really not want to change that unless I have to. I’m still a newcomer to web development and it takes me forever to make changes to the actual xhtml/css structure of the site. Hence my hope that we could find the problem with having multiple custom menus.


    Please feel free to make any change to the site as you need. I can add any of the content back afterwards….


    Hi Guys,

    I’m still having the problem. I did remove the custom menus as James asked and the single custom menu being displayed as top navigation is working fine. However, I lost all of my menus that I was using for navigation on my footer. What would you suggest at this point. Does this also mean I cannot have any more custom menus for this theme?

    Thanks in advance


    I close this thread to avoid cross posting – please bump a thread but don’t create another… – please refer to this thread. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

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