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    Like the title says my website takes forever to load. Well figuratively, I’ve tested it everywhere on different services. I even have MaxCDN providing CDN service. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Can “you” check?


    Hi bcopping,

    Your website loaded fairly quickly for me. Only delay I noticed was with the slideshow. At any rate, really all we can do is direct you to plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or other caching/optimization plugins available for WordPress.




    Check your plugins if you have any. Some of the social media ones get stuck if they can’t retrieve the data quickly enough, and that can make your pages load very slowly.



    The server response is very slow – Firebug measured 4.71s before the server sent the html document. The element html5 media plugin adds 2-3 seconds to the loading time too.




    Mya, I am running W3 Total Cache WITH MaxCDN so it should be quick!

    Thanks for the FYI rumblefish, much appreciated!

    Dude, can you explain what “he element html5 media plugin adds 2-3 seconds to the loading time too.” is? Shouldn’t that load quick?

    I’ll call Dreamhost and see what’s what.


    I think he means you have a media plugin which is delaying the page loading.


    Rumblefish is correct. What Dude is referring to is MediaElent.js plugin that Dreamhost packages with the one-click install of WordPress. The plugin has a more to load e.g. flash player, Silverlight plugin, etc. so no it’s not as fast as other plugins.




    Okay so deactivated that plug-in that you were talking about Dude and Mya. does that plug-in do anything beneficial for my site? What would be another good plug-in to use instead if I have to?

    Here is a screenshot of all the plug-ins I currently have installed:


    Am I missing anything that could help me?


    It seems like the plugin allowsyou to add html5 videos to your website. I can’t say if this is useful or not in your case. I’d strongly recommend to deactivate ALL plugins which you don’t need (or you don’t know what they do) because they all slow down your website and they’re also a security risk.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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