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    Hello, i’ve had a chat with woocommerce support and they’ve pointed me to the theme developers basically;

    my product images when shown in a lightbox does not load the same as your theme, i get the image loading with a red description, no next/back arrows and no X button to close the lightbox

    I spoke to woothemes about this and theyve pointed me back to kriesi on the basis

    (exact response)

    The reason I’m fairly confident that it’s not WooCommerce is because the script files for PrettyPhoto are not being loaded from the supplied WooCommerce files, they are coming from your theme :

    This is the source code of your site :

    This is from my site :

    I can also see this in one of your theme function files (config-woocommerce/admin-options.php)

    //on theme activation set default image size, disable woo lightbox and woo stylesheet. options are already hidden by previous filter function

    and this

    //set blank

    $set_false = array(‘woocommerce_enable_lightbox’, ‘woocommerce_frontend_css’);

    foreach ($set_false as $option) { update_option($option, false); }


    Hi Transformers Universe,

    I’m not really clear on what the issue you are having is. What issue did you report to Woocommerce and what is the issue on your site?




    When a user clicks on a product image to enlarge it, the lightbox that is shown on your replete theme is, has a button to close it,

    but for me the lightbox has red description and no button to close?


    Try switching to one of the default wordpress themes and then go to WooCommerce>Settings and look for “Styles and Scripts” . Make sure the option for Enable Lightbox is not checked as well as the Enable WooCommerce CSS and then Save Changes.

    Now re-activate the theme and see if that helps. If not, there is some other third party plugin interfering with the theme lightbox function.




    hi, i dont have a lightbox option?

    this is the latest reply from woocommerce:

    “Hi Matthew

    The Cloud Zoom plugin needs the WooCommerce light box to be active and your theme is turning that off. It may be that your theme uses a different version, I’m not sure, but Cloud Zoom doesn’t load the lightbox so there isn’t a setting or switch to change I’m afraid”

    Basically when i disbaled cloudzoom woocommerce plugin it worked as your lightbox, but enabling it makes it go funny, and woocommerce believe its a setting in the theme?


    Replete was set up so that things like Cloudzoom would definitely work since the theme has a very hands off approach for the woocommerce pages (product, shop etc).

    Basically, there shouldn’t be an issue by default with the extension for WooCommerce and the theme. If you can provide a link to the site with the extension turned on maybe we can get a good idea for what is going on.


    hey sure, i think i’ve already provided login details to kriesi for another issue, you can use those details to access the site and view a product to test it?


    We don’t share or keep login details which is why we always ask for them fresh on each topic. Just to give a reference, we individually answer somewhere around 60+ topics a day and often times more so it isn’t really feasible to keep individual details from topic to topic or day to day.


    of course no worries, where would you like me to send access details :)


    If you can just post a link to the site here we can take a look.


    the site is hidden to users not logged in, if i can send you an email with login details you can see ? :)


    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)


    login details sent :)


    I took a look and there doesn’t seem to be any visual issue that I can see.


    replied to email again :)


    In this instance, the plugin is changing the style of prettyPhoto because its changing the pp_default to pp_woocommerce and so the theme has no styles for that class selector.

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