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    I’ve been asked to design a simple website for a German Company and I’d like to use one of Kriesi’s templates. My question is, how do I translate all the standard fields to German and/or is this already built into any of the themes, ie. language flip

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    I’ve discovered a number of threads now which have lead me to http://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/ – I see a number of themes have been cleared as usable as well as the new Propulsion. As it seems, this is the best way to get an entire site translated…



    I think the best choice would be Propulsion. Since the last version (1.3) it supports different settings for each language – you can set a different logo, different portfolio pages, different top banner messages, etc. for each language. There’s one drawback though: You MUST configure all settings for each language independently – eg if you’ve German, English, French you need to set up all portfolio pages, logos, banner messages, etc. several times (3 times in this case).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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