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    After building some pages and uploading some images today the theme has become unresponsive to what I want and need to do. The site loads slow when you go to it on the net. Working in the admin panel… well you might as well forget that cause the theme is not responding to anything I am doing. I can’t load images because I get an HTML error message when the site tries to prepare the image it seems to lock up in the process.

    Admin can you take a look and see what is causing this to happen?

    This shouldn’t be happening.


    I think I am getting more upset by the minute. I am now going and deleting 3 hours of work removing everything I did today. and nothing is changing. WTFFFFFF!!!!!



    have you tried cache plugins like: ? They can improve the website loading speed dramatically. Obviously the speed also depends on your hoster – “cheap” hosters are often not worth a penny.


    Hey! As mentioned in the other performance related thread I am investigating the issue. if you could send me login data of your installation, as well as ftp credentials I will have a look at your installation. Best regards

    Since I cannot reproduce the error any visual help that shows whats wrong is greatly appreciated (screenshots, screenr short videos etc)



    Kriesi- I responded in my the other post. Here is my email address (Email address hidden if logged out) I don’t want to send login info over public source.

    My hosting is godaddy they have been hosting for me for 3 years. I haven’t had any problems with their servers.

    Question about FTP credentials? I login into the server through filezilla and server login info. if I give you that info you will have access to all those sites. There is nothing on their really its just the fact I really don’t want to have to go in and change all that login information once your done doing your thing. I am not FTP savy. I get in and get out. Is their a way to get you in to see just this current site?


    Hey, you can send any login information here:

    I do understand your concerns about the FTP credentials, the problem is that the only way to find which script is slowing the site down is by trial/error + adding debuging messages to the files.

    Without that I am basically blind when it comes to searching for performance drains.

    Guess it should be possible to create ftp users from your godaddy admin panel with limited access to specific folders. Unfortunately I can’t help with that, but google probably can ;)


    Hello, I am here to offer a Public apology to Kriesi. I went on a terror about how slow my site was running. It was running fine then it just locked up and was not responding to anything I tried to do. I automatically assumed( and you know what they say about that) that it was the them not being able to handle the images i was uploading. At the time of the lock up/slow down I was creating pages.

    Kriesi responded to both post I left and told me to send him my login info and server info and he would check into it. I did and he did his thing and came back to me and said it was probably the server. I would of never thought of that as I have never had any problems.

    So I called godaddy and after going a few rounds with them stating that something was wrong. the lady said she wanted to check on something. so she did and came back to me with the reason. I guess I was on their legacy servers which is one server and was getting overloaded. she said that I can switch over to the new 4GH server which I guess is 4 linked together to handle the load.

    so she transferred me over stating I may be down for 72 hours but actually it took only 16 or so.

    I am back and my site is running snappy again.

    Thanks to Kriesi’s help I would of never thought of it being the server. So I own him an apology and a thank you for the personal assistance.


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