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    I’d like to buy a new theme for my professional photography website
    I’m a wedding photographer and I like your Enfold Theme, especially the “enfold photography portfolio” one

    I’ve some question before buying:

    – I’m not sure to understand: any feature of the enfold theme is able in any “version” of the deme theme ? (for exemple the display mode of the porfolios in the “enfold photography portfolio” is not shown in the enfold default demo !

    – In the enfold photography portfolio theme”, there is a portfolio page with several portfolios…. when clicking on a portfolio, we open the portfolio: inside it, there is several pictures… one mousse over pictures shows informations (for exemple: Nepal – Mountains as far as you can see”…. is it possible not to display anything when the mousse is over ?

    – in the photography portfolio theme, there is no submenu; is it possible to have a “submenu” ? (for exemple, when the mousse is over “about”, we can display a submenu with several pages (info FAQ about me ….)

    thank you for your answers !


    Hi Taillandier!

    1. Yes, any feature you see in any of the demos are all available. For example if you wanted a page in the default demo and a page in the photography demo then you can have both.

    2. Yes, that is the Masonry and you can disable the captions / text if you wish.

    3. Yes, the left aligned header can also use sub menu / fly out menus as well as mega menus.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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