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    I saw in another thread that the documentation is included in the download package. I’m having trouble finding it. Where should I be looking? Thank you!



    Hey jcmmmbarnett,

    When you extract the zip file, you should be able to see extracted folder like this: The documentation folder contains the documentation in html format. You can also see it online:

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    My folder doesn’t have that in it. Is Enfold the same as Incarnation?




    Sorry I didn’t notice that this was on Incarnation theme, the folder should contain almost the same except no enfold and enfold-child but incarnation folder. Can you give us a screenshot on the extracted folder?

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    Could I also get some assistance with documentation our incarnation template was downloaded about five years ago by someone else. Can I extract from cpanel? Does documentation apply for incarnation theme? I am now working with a developer and I want to give them as many tools as possible to get the site up to speed. Also should I check to see I have the latest version?



    The theme’s documentation is inside the zip package, the file that you’ve downloaded from your Themeforest account. Incarnation is quite different from the Enfold theme so you can’t refer to the same documentation, unfortunately.

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    Could you provide specific instructions on where I need to go to find the documentation for incarnation template. I have saved a screen shot of the cpanel if needed in a word document.

    I did not download the template and so have no files on my computer to refer to.

    thank you.



    I’ll put the template creation section of the documentation here:

    Building your own dynamic Templates

    Probably the best way to create stunning and complex pages is the WordPress Template Builder that comes with the theme. Allthough you can of course choose to edit template files the old fashioned way, (by editing them in your HTML editor of choice) the dynamic template generator is a much more flexible solution. So how does that editor work? Before reading the how to you might want to check this short demo video which already describes a little how it is done.


    First of all open the editor at Incarnation-> Template Builder. You then get asked to enter a name for your new dynamic template. Do so by entering one without any special characters and at least 3 chars long. Hit the “Create Template” button and a blank default template is created.

    It doesnt contain any elements yet but we will add some in a second, first lets apply the template to a post or page of your choice. Simply open the entry you want the template to be applied to and look out for the “Page or Post Layout” Sidebar. Here you need to overwrite the default layout with the option “dynamic template” Then can now select the template you have just created.

    Once selected save the entry. If you look at it in the frontend now it should simply display a blank content area.

    To change that we need to start elements to the dynamic template. So head back to the new Dynamic Template you just created and start adding elements. Once an element is added you can easily change the position via drag and drop. To make it as easy as possible we tried to reduce the elements available to the absolute necessary minmum. We ended up with7 “modules”:

    Horizontal Ruler
    adds a horizontal ruler to the page to seperate content. Choose between several styles to fit your needs

    Text area
    adds text to your page. This module is most often used to create a nice looking quote but you can also jsut fill in any html or even shortcodes to displaywhatever content you want. It is also used to create a callout section with buttons

    adds the slideshow of the entry the template gets applied to. This way if you apply the template to different posts and pages it will still display the featured images of each individual entry. Uses the slideshow settings defined in the post or page.

    Post/Page Content
    This module behaves similar to the slidehsow: it will by default output the content of the entry the template got applied to. You can also choose to display a different post or page. If you choose to display a different post or page the content of that entry will be displayed instead. If the entry you have choosen is cut by the wordpress “read more” tag the module will output only the part before the read more tag and add a read more button.

    adds a blog with sidebar to the template. You can choose which categories should be displayed, as well as how many entries and if a pagination should be displayed as well.

    adds one row with either 2,3 or 4Columns to the Page. You can choose the width for each column as well as the content. The available options are:

    Page: add page content of a single page
    Post: add the latest post from a category. if you choose the same category a second, third, fourth or fifth time in another column the offset will be generated automatically so that you dont display the same post twice
    Widget: Enter the name of a widget. the widget can then be used at appearance > widgets. Please be carefull when deleting widgets since the contents of a widget is stored by widget number and not by name. You can read more about it here.
    Text:Add some text. html and wordpress shortcodes are allowed.
    Latest Blog, Sermons and Events: adds entries of the choosen type
    Attention: Since the Template Manager makes heavy use of Javascript it is recommended to use a modern browser, like IE9+, Firefox4+, Safari or Chrome. It will still work with older browsers but you will notice dropping performance if you add many templates.

    Best regards,


    Thank you Ismael-
    The you tube link did not work could you check and resend.




    It is loading fine on my end. It is showing the Brightbox theme but the process of using the template builder should be the same. Please review the instructions above.

    Best regards,


    ok I had to copy and paste into my browser – working I will take a look ty!



    Awesome! Please let us know if you need more help. :)

    Best regards,

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