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    After being live for a few days I am getting a Server Error on my Web Tools for the following URL wp-content/themes/angular/ which is linked via several pages. Not sure why as this isnt a full url just the theme path?

    Really concerning as have lost ranking on another site recently after a site update and worried this could happen again.



    Is there a particular server error you’re receiving? I visited your website and theme itself isn’t an issue. By that I mean, the files I reviewed like stylesheet and JavaScripts are available as needed.




    It is a 500 server error, but as you say the linked content is accessible so I am baffled as to why the error comes back on that path which on its own is not a reachable page. As I say I am just concerned as we have had several issues recently (not particularly with the theme) so want to cover all bases to ensure we do not lose ranking


    Hi richarddsb,

    Not sure why you are getting it, but you could just add the wp-content folder to your robots.txt file so it isn’t scanned by searching bots.

    Otherwise, it should be fine from what I can tell.




    Isn’t that folder important for search engine bots to access to allow them to access content and rank you accordingly?


    No, maybe the upload folder contains some images, etc. which can be important for your site ranking but the themes folder, the plugins folder, etc. just contain php, js and css files and these files are not useful for search engines at all.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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