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    Hi, and thank you for an amazing theme!

    Question #1

    I am right now putting together the team site for our page and was wondering if there is a way of using the icons that are available when generating the icon boxes, without actually adding the boxes. I am able to link the icon from the folder, but in this case the icon is barely visible, since there is no colored ball around it. I was planning to use the icons next to telephone numbers and e-mail addresses beneath each team member. Hopefully I explained the situation clearly enough.

    Of course I would be able to edit the icons myself, but I was wondering if there would be an easier way.

    Question #2

    I have embedded a google map on to the contact page. However I am not able to get the map to stretch all across the content area. Is there a way of getting the map to stretch all over the area?

    All the best!



    Hi PROOY,

    For #1, it’ll be easiest to just use HTML to insert the icon you want with the correct class name which will give you the background color set by your theme choices. For example:

    <span class="iconbox_icon"><img src="" alt=""></span>

    As long as you know the name of the icon, you can just reference in the URL (Abucus.png in this example). Make sure to replace with YOUR site and put that html into the HTML tab of your visual editor.

    Make sure that in the Layout box on the lower right hand side of your Contact page editor you have selected Fullsize so that you don’t have a sidebar. That way the map and expand to the entire width of your content area.

    Additionally, I believe you can add in the google maps iframe into the featured media area by adding the iframe code into the “Add Video or Iframe by URL” field after pressing that button.






    Hi Devin,

    Thank you for your answer!

    #1 The html code worked great. However for some reason there is a large space left after the icon, which separates the icon from the phone number or e-mail address i try to insert on the same row. Using the alignment tabs did not help either. Is there a way of removing the space?

    #2 I’m sorry, I was not really clear with my question. There were no problems with embedding the map, and the iframe code worked as well. However, I am not able to stretch the map over the whole content area. Even though the page is in fullsize mode, some white (of course depending on the color settings) area is left on both sides of the map and it stretches only as far as the text area goes. I was wondering if there is any way of expanding the map over this area, so that it would be as wide as the content box itself.




    Can we take a look at your contact page and if you are using the icons on a different page that page as well. We’ll need to inspect the css and see whats going on live :)




    Ok, I understand. I’ll contact you guys as soon as I get the page online!

    Thanks for helping out!



    Glad that Devin helped you win.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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