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    Great theme as usual!

    Is there anyway I can add the front style switcher you have on the TF preview to my admin area?

    I want the ability to change the colours at will

    IE the drop down Select color option

    Thanks in advance



    No the style feature isn’t part of the theme package. Every option of the styleswitcher is part of the admin panel though (admin panel > design). Kriesi created the styleswitcher because customers at themeforest haven’t access to the admin panel.

    The Dude


    Hi Dude

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I realise its not part of it..I have purchased it btw.

    I would like to add it for my own convenience as its a key reason why I bought it..

    Is there some code I can add somwhere so I can utlize it?

    This is for my own personal site and I update it 5 times min a month and I would love to be able to switch the colour scheme quickly and create custom graphics for each colour




    A comment

    I have to admit..this theme is not as easy to setup as I first thought.

    I am not a newbie and I am feeling a bit like a code idiot..almost afraid to ask questions :)

    Its taking me awhile to even get the portfolio setup right- the manual could be a bit more detailed

    (still cant figure out why my portfolio items arent showing up)

    I know once I figure out the proper procedure it will be the proverbial “aha” moment but I cant imagine a newbie with this one.

    Regardless..its still a beauty



    So theres no way to add it to my admin?

    No code I can adjust?


    No you can’t add the code on your own. It’s a difficult task ;-)

    Kriesi is the creator of this theme so we need to wait for his answer – maybe he plans to release the styleswitcher. But consider: the styleswitcher has some disadvantages i.e. the code isn’t W3C valid and it increases the page loading time. If you need to set up your theme feel free to ask questions.

    The Dude


    Hey Lerosia,

    I am sorry, currently I wont distribute the styleswitcher, since it was a quick and dirty solution to show the themes capabilities and integrating it wouldn’t be an easy task either. I will probably code a plugin version in the upcoming future, but this is pretty low on my to do list since there are bugs to fix, often requested features to add and new themes to release ;)

    Sorry for that


    Oh, no. One main reason I just bought this theme was because I like to change colors a lot, and I needed an easy way to do that, as I’m lost in the coding part of all this. It’s been a struggle just to get a host and get the other bits going so far. Someone said you could change those same things like text colors in admin, but I don’t know what that means, or where it is.

    Really–there’s no styleswitcher? What am I going to do? :(


    You can change the background & text color in your admin panel under Appearance > Background


    Well , While i was browsing and switching the colors using the style switcher , thier were some cool features which are missing in the admin panel

    1) select background

    2) the colors which were in the switcher had something cool , for example,, when we select the colour black, a cool sort of background image comes out without just dull black, it was a great feature

    So can you please provide even the color codes ? i use a pluggin from firefox to find out the colours :D

    Thank You


    1) You can select a background image under Appearance > Background. You can set different background options there (image, color, etc.)

    2) This “cool” effect is part of the theme. It’s a grain effect which is used independed from the background color you choose. So maybe it looks better with black than with green, blue, etc. but it’s always the same effect.

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