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    Hi, from 2 week its impossible to update the menù manager structure!
    The first time we discover this issue was possible to operate on the menù structure only by internet explorer and not chrome, now its impossible to add / modify or delete menù entry also in internet explorer!

    When modify something in the menù and press “save” nothing was saved.
    This is a big problem we have th esite menù misconfigured from 2 week!

    Please help me thanks a lot


    Hi pineappleitaly!

    Please try to increase the allocated memory to 128M:



    memory_limit = 256M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (16MB)

    Th ememory limit is just set to 256 mb from php.ini, i’ve read that we doesnt need to set it trought WP_MEMORY_LIMIT, right?



    I’m sorry but the Display theme is not compatible with WordPress 3.9.1. Please downgrade to a lower version of wordpress. If you have the time, please check our latest theme, Enfold.



    Hi, i’ve just update this morning but the problem there is also before updating!!

    And also we need to use the theme with the wordpress last version, we can not change theme when wordpress upgrade the code ?!

    There is no way to make menu usable? You can understand that this for us is a very big problem, we have about 100 portfolio setup on the theme we can not change theme and re-start tune all the site only because a menù manager not work!

    You does not fix this problem for your theme?

    Thanks a lot please help us if possibile, we can pay for the update.



    Alright. I’m sorry I made a mistake. It seems like Display is compatible with WP 3.9 when you check on the theme software compatibility. Is it alright if we deactivate all plugins while working on the site?

    Regarding the Enfold theme, we’re trying to offer you our best theme yet. I’m sure you’ll love it once you’ve taken a look inside.



    Hi, if you need to make some test please made modification on plugin but after the test re-enable it!
    For the new theme we need to have the time to test and setup it before change, we are intested on fluid responsive theme , but now we need to have our site working ;)



    You aren’t using the most recent version of Display which was updated to work with the last major change in the WordPress menus manager since Display was developed when WordPress didn’t even have its own.

    The last release of Display was version 2.0.3 in 2012. You are still on version 2 so you definitely would not be compatible not only with WordPress 3.9 but not any version of WordPress in the 3.0 range.

    Re-download the theme files from ThemeForest and then you can install the updated theme files just like you did the first time you installed (or any theme).

    For a quick guide on updating your theme on FTP instead, take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP:

    Best regards,

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