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    I have not made changes to anything regarding the sliders on my home page, and this has been working for 4 years, suddenly there are no images in the slider box. Please check it out, and let me know what I can do to get them to appear.


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    Hey Shelley!

    Did you add any plugins prior to the issue? Looks like you installed the Next Gen Gallery. Can you please deactivate the plugin then reload the page? Add this at the very bottom of style.css:

    .js_active .slideshow li, .js_active .slideshow .featured {
    display: block;



    I had a web designer design the page and he installed all plugins. I have no idea how to do this. Will deactivating the plugin affect any of my pages or images? I am a photographer and clients go to this site to see my work, if I screw it up I will have to pay someone all over again to set it up again. I paid over $1000 to have this set up.


    I made the changes you suggested, but only one image is appearing in the area now, it is not a slide show.


    I would also like to change some of the images, how do I go about adding and deleting image sliders?



    It looks like it’s a JavaScript problem, have you updated WordPress recently?

    Best regards,


    I just updated to 3.7 a rfew minutes ago, but it still is just showing the one image, no slideshow. I’m at a loss.



    There is a jQuery issue on the latest version of WordPress. We suggest that you downgrade to WordPress 3.5 or lower. Avisio hasn’t been updated for quite a while a now and the software compatibility is only up to WordPress 3.3. You can check here:




    Here is a guide on downgrading if you need it:

    Best regards,

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