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    The characters out of English in acordian slider do not seen properly. They seem properly in IE9, but not the other browsers. So, what should I do?



    Please inform us regarding which characters are wrong and the number of the accordion slide in which they reside so that we can assist you.

    Also please use the code provided here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-90035 *at the bottom of your custom.css file.




    İt must seems just as it seems in IE9:






    But on the other browsers it has seen like that:






    Browsers except IE9 makes the minuscule “i” to majuscule “I” in English. But in Turkish we write majuscule “İ” with dot on it. So the minuscule “i” should be majuscule “İ” in corect form. See the correct form below:

    Minuscule: i Majuscule: İ

    Minuscule: ı Majuscule: I


    Newscast uses the default system fonts (no custom cufon fonts or font-face fonts) and imho there’s no way to fix this within the theme code. You can try to change the headline font family – maybe this will fix it. Add following code to style.css:

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, legend, .sliderheading {
    font-family: Arial,"Trebuchet MS",Helvetica,sans-serif;

    and change the font families if necessary.


    I added the code you gave at the bottom of style.css but it didn’t work.

    Let me show. This is the correct form of opening my site by using IE9:

    View post on

    And this is the incorrect form of opening my site by using the other browses:

    View post on

    Any ideas?



    Maybe you need to add an important tag like:

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, legend, .sliderheading {
    font-family: Arial,"Trebuchet MS",Helvetica,sans-serif !important;

    Best regards,



    Unfortunately the same…:(



    I’m out of ideas. I’ll tag this thread for Kriesi and the other support team members – maybe they can provide some useful hints.

    Best regards,



    Thanks, I’ll be waiting for it.


    Hi sulker,

    I did a bit of googling on special characters in IE9 vs other browsers but didn’t find anything either. The only thing I can think of is perhaps IE is using a system font on your end which is rendering them “properly” while the others are not.




    I don’t think so. Because the browsers except IE9 show all Turkish sepcial characters out of slider. You may look at them in Chrome for example. If you open my site by using Chrome, you can read the menu items which includes Turkish special characters, but you can’t read the slider as it should be.

    So am I the first one who finds/discovers this problem? Isn’t there Spanish; Greek, Russian or Japanese customer who uses special characters?

    Is the theme adjusted only for English users? Kriesi himself, isn’t he Austrian? I know there is special characters in German also?

    I think you could fix it. Couldn’t you?

    If it is useful, I can send you Turkish alphabet in minuscule and majuscule.



    I have an idea. Since you need the letter i but for it to be the size of a letter l, maybe can use a really thin font and just make the letter i font size 80. In Photoshop I saw some really tiny fonts as thin as a spider web. I think this may do the trick. The other option ofcourse is simple to use an image instead of the letter. Are you using UTF8 in the tables of your database? There is a bug in some versions of mysql server where the database itself may be UTF8 but someone of its tables remain Swedish or Latin. Would you ask your webmaster to please run a query to see if this is the case.




    Hi Nick,

    I don’t want a solution “looks like” or “nearly the same”, I want “just the same”. I want the other browsers opening as IE9.



    You mentioned other languages. Have you tried adding some non-latin letters to see if they display properly for you? Would you try some non standard alphabet . inject a few letters to see what happens. Since I can’t reproduce this, we need to conduct some experiments on the affected machine.




    Here it is a sample:

    And the user is also a member here.

    This site uses also Newscast. The alphabet used in slider is Greek alphabet. It seems properly. Though it could in Greek, why not in Turkish?


    I’m still having a bit of an issue seeing the difference between IE9 and Chrome. When I view the site in both browsers at the same time it looks identical for the first item in the accordian slideshow:


    When hovering over them the I get this for Chrome:


    and this for IE9:


    Is this not what the two should look like? If not, I’m wondering if its a system font issue specific to localization fonts.




    Devin. Should I beg you to not take care of my issues and problems? You always misunderstood and after that I try to tell clearly. Be sure that everone except you in moderation understand this issue clearly. First of all you should read every post in topic. If you could not understand then take help from your other friends (remember me advicing freelancer developer. So I advice you to take help from your friends, I think it is more merciful advice).

    I think you are appointed to make me angry. Please my friend. I beg you at last.. Please be far away from my problems.


    Hey guys…

    Isn’t there anyone except Devin there? Why should I always to be addressed with him? He always misunderstands me. And he do not fix problems, issues I have. If I have just one problem, by addressing him my problems become double.

    Should I always tell the problem at the beginning though the 10th message in topic while Devin interfering the problem?

    Where is Ismael? Where is Nick? Where is Dude?


    Please Devin, do not write an answer though you will say that you are sorry or you are appologizing to me. You are annoying me. Please far away from me.


    I read every word written on this page twice. Looked at the images Devin posted. I re-read everything written on this page twice more.

    You wrote : İt must seems just as it seems in IE9: “BİZ İNSANLAR” … But on the other browsers it has seen like that: “BIZ İNSANLAR”

    Please point out on this image showing slider in 4 browsers where ‘They seem properly in IE9, but not the other browsers. Devin pointed that out correctly and you became verbally abusive. I think you owe Devin an apology, since he was correct.

    Thank you,


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