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    I cannot find where to set anything for it. As of right now, it’s empty and doesn’t seem to pull the main photo from my only article. There is that color wheel in the demo and it seems like you can put text in the slider as well as images and adjust the color of the text with the slider. The text says this can be adjusted from the backend. I believe you can do more cool stuff with it, but I haven’t been able to find where those settings may be.

    It’s probably very simple, since it doesn’t seem to be a topic in the helpfiles either. So where can one set the frontpage slider options?


    When you go to your Welcome page or any page for that matter, Click on your SCREEN OPTIONS at the top of the Dashboard to make sure you are able to see all the options available to you.

    Scroll down the page and look for SLIDE SHOW OPTIONS. Set up the type of slide show you want and where you want it. Then add in your featured images CLICK the green button for Add Slide Show images. Or video if you want.

    Hope this helps.


    In wordpress on the top of the page on the right hand side it says viewing options (the site is German so it’s my rough translation). All options therein are checked on.

    There is no Slide Show Options to be found anywhere on the wordpress start page or within any of the options. Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate that.

    I see Slideshow Options underneath the text for writing an article. There Adaptavia Slider is selected. I added the image I used in my article to it and filled some of the extras out, too. Autorotation is set to no. Time is set to 5 seconds and slideshow size is adjustable Slider. I published it as an article in the news category. My frontpage is set to Welcome page and the slider on the frontpage seems to be trying to use the demo content, without it being available. I can see some text, but no images. I have no idea where that text is from and where the slider pulls from.

    Sry if I’m being a bit dense.


    On the DASHBOARD, Go to PAGES,Click on the WELCOME PAGE and Choose EDIT,

    Scroll down your page and you will see SLIDE SHOW OPTIONS. It may be folded, so click on arrow to open in.

    There you will see the various options and the files that are loaded with the demo files. OH, be sure you load your demo files. under theme options


    Ah, I knew I was being dense, lol. That worked perfectly. Is there a reason to load demo files under theme options, now that I’m almost set? (except for the forum und woocommerce part). I was under the impression that loading the demo content would wreck my changes and revert me back to how the theme is in the demo?


    No you do not have to load the demo stuff. I started with it just so I could see all the different examples. Youare not stuck with it. I just deleted what I did not want. Ialso make my own custom menu.


    Thanks for the information. I might do the menu thing once my site grows in size. This can be closed. Thanks a lot.

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