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    I wanted to give a BIG THANKS to kriesi for developing a theme that was easy to work with, while working flawlessly with the WooCommerce plugins and extensions. I hope development of this theme continues into the future!

    Check out the final product built on Abundance :

    Thanks again!



    Awesome work – I really like this style :)

    Best regards,



    I think this looks great as well… this is the best I have seen so far!!!

    However on the shop page, sometimes the “show details” appear at the top of the thumbnail, and sometimes in the middle.

    I have this problem as well….

    I’ve asked support to help out….. (PLEASE SUPPORT ANSWER MY THREAD)

    But apart from that what a great job…. congrats!!



    I checked your site and the show details consistently appears on the middle on my end. Maybe something triggers it to appear on the top, however, if we can’t reproduce the same problem, it would be hard for us to debug the problem.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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