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    Im wondering if there is a way only display some of the text on the home page Columns that are in each web page. I have selected How to populate Mainpage Columns 1 as Page > About. The text in About is paragraphs long and only what the first paragraph to display on the home page column how would I go about doing this? I’ve tried tried Post and Widget but prefer the view I get with the image above and text bellow. Thanks



    You can use a filter to limit the text output, can you post a link to your site so I can see which text needs the filter?

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    I would like to know the solution for this, I’m having the same problem.


    Do you filter with a short code?


    I have researched HTML filters and have tried everything I know to no avail. I don’t understand why it’s working on your “Live Preview” example and I cannot get it to work? Seems that it would be an easy fix. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


    Also just tried instead of using the “Pages” option” I created it in “Posts” like in your “Live Preview” example and it’s doing the same thing. The home page columns end up being extremely long due to all the text in the “Post” PLEASE HELP seems like it should be an easy fix and possibly an id10t error “idiot” error on my part. Thanks!



    I was able to fix mine by using the <!–more–> inserted into the page where I wanted the text to wrap. Make sure you add it to the html where you want the “Read More” button to be on the home page.

    You can see the example on my website:

    The mainpage Columns 3 & 4 have used the <!–more–> code


    EUREKA I go tit working!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Thank you so much Cheers!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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