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    Hi guys, I have set up demo store at

    when you hover on products in slider the variation / show details text is very dark and unreadable using the dark boxed layout, how can I make this text white instead of a really dark grey you cannot see?



    Hi Designpump,

    I took a look and see the color issue. Go ahead and update your theme as there have been quite a few css fixes and general bug fixes since the initial release of Propulsion. This should fix this issue for you. I just applied the Dark style with the boxed layout and didn’t have any visual issues (with the newest versions of everything).


    Ok I will try that, although I have tried updating the latest theme and then the latest woocommerce before and it didn’t quite work out, should I simply overwrite the current theme and as I haven’t updated to woocommerce 1.4 yet (again some problems) would updating propulsion be advisable? Or shall I delete the old version altogether and then upload again via FTP? I will back up now…juts in case




    hi Devin, I got it all updated and sorted, one thing I have notice is that in the frontpage widget of header + social icons + search box the icons are spaced further away from the search box, where can I put them closer so I can use and <h4. tagline (it currently sits over the icons a little?




    in your custom.css or Quick CSS you can add

    #top .social_bookmarks{left:50px;}

    This will move them to the right a little.

    Of course you can change the 50px to any value you’d like to move it around a little.

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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